43 years on the market

About company

We are a leading manufacturer of wood, plywood, fibre optic and pallet bobbins.

We have been supplying top quality products since 1980

Andrew s.c. was founded in 1980 by Andrzej Kowalczyk. Initially it specialised in the production of construction timber and service wood sawing. In 2005, the production of wooden cable spools started, which contributed to a new stage of the company’s development.

Over the last decade, Andrew s.c. has transformed from a small enterprise into a leader in the production of wooden cable spools and plywood spools in Poland, becoming one of the leading producers of these packages in Europe.

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What makes us different?

We have been in business for 43 years
Our team consists of 100 specialists
We supply our products to 16 countries
We hold the most important certifications in the sector

Our values

Quality and professionalism are the foundation of our approach, ensuring that we meet and often exceed industry standards, enabling us to build trust and long-term relationships with our customers.
Sustainability is a key element of our strategy, encompassing the efficient use of resources in our production processes and eco-oriented product designs, allowing us to make a positive impact on the environment.
Innovation resulting from our investment in research and development allows us to maintain our edge in the market, responding to the dynamically changing needs of our customers.
Business relationships
Openness and transparency are key to our business relationships. We focus on clear communication and honesty, providing our partners with full information and understanding, which strengthens the building of business relationships.

We Are Eco-Friendly

We collaborate with the State Forests, where for every tree cut down, a new one is planted
We dispose of used spools from customers
The residue is used to make woodchips

We have our
own transport

ANDREW s.c. is the only manufacturer of wood and plywood reels in Europe with its own transport fleet, which consists of more than 20 sets. The transport and logistics department is a very important element of Our Development Policy for us. We want to provide our customers, in addition to production, with logistics services at the highest level. Having our own logistics resources allows us to deliver our products on time, safely and flexibly throughout Europe.

  • We have 20 lorries
  • We are constantly developing and modernising our fleet
  • We ensure delivery regardless of location

We operate globally

Our business dates back to 1980. The main feature of Andrew company is the continuous development, which is still with us today.

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