43 years on the market
We know everything about wood

We are a leading manufacturer of reels made of wood, plywood, for fibre optics and pallets

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Andrew s.c. was founded in 1980 by Andrzej Kowalczyk. Initially it specialised in the production of construction timber and service wood sawing. In 2005, the production of wooden cable reels was started, which contributed to a new stage of the company’s development.

Over the last decade, Andrew s.c. has transformed from a small enterprise into a leader in the production of wooden cable reels and plywood reels in Poland, becoming one of the leading producers of these packaging products in Europe.

43 years on the market
Our team consists of 100 specialists
We supply our products to 16 countries

We operate globally

Our business dates back to 1980. The main feature of Andrew company is the continuous development, which is still with us today.

Our offer


We offer woodchip, which is primarily used as a raw material for furniture boards, but also in the power industry, where it is used as a fuel for generating electricity.

Recycling of spools and other wooden packaging

ANDREW s.c. is the only manufacturer of wooden and plywood reels in Europe which offers comprehensive recycling services for these packaging materials .Our domain is to provide recycling services directly at our customers' premises.

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